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Installing the Y.A.E.B. Software is extremely easy, follow the instructions as set out below for installing and updating Y.A.E.B. and you will not need to reset your goals and account details with each new update.

NB: Clearing the system cache will delete saved goal files!


You will need to get the latest updated version of Y.A.E.B. Do not make the mistakes of many others and attempt to use old versions of Y.A.E.B.

Visit the Forum at where the latest version is always available. DO NOT trust any third party distributors of Y.A.E.B.


After following the instructions in the forum and downloading the latest version of Y.A.E.B. create a "New Folder" (Directory) on the hard drive you wish to save Y.A.E.B.

New Folder.png

If you run multiple accounts you need to make a sperate folder for each account and name each folder the same as the Lord name in each account.


After creating the "New Folder" use either Winzip or Winrar to open the downloaded Y.A.E.B. archive file and extract all contents using the folder(s) you just created as the destination directory.

NB: Do not alter the Y.A.E.B. folder structure.

Extract to.png


After extracting all files to each of the directories, open up the directory with windows explorer. Find the file "Autoevony.html".


Right click on the file "Autoevony.html" then select "Send To" then select "Desktop".

Createshortcut desk.png

This will send a shortcut to the desktop where you can start Y.A.E.B. without having to go into the folder each time.

Go to your desktop and right click on the shortcut placed there by the steps above, select "Rename" and rename the shortcut to the name of the account Lord.



When updating Y.A.E.B. to the latest version simply follow the above steps but you must keep in mind the following rules:

  1. Copy the updated files to the EXACT same folders where Y.A.E.B. was extracted to previously
  2. When prompted to over write files answer yes
  3. Always save Y.A.E.B. files to the same folders each time

When you extract the Y.A.E.B. files to the same folders where it was previously installed and overwrite the older version files, the goals and scripts saved in the older version will be carried over to the new version

When you change the folder you will need to restate your goals and reenter your scripts, this is because Y.A.E.B. saves it's files in local flash storage which is dependant on the location on the hard drive where you first saved Y.A.E.B.

Fixing Flash

Y.A.E.B. and Evony are Flash based applications and therefore require Flash to be running and accessible in order to play the game. At times there could be difficulties. If you have updated to the latest flash version try the following:

Right-click anywhere with the Y.A.E.B. page once running, and click on "Global Settings".

Flash Settings.png

This will open the Adobe Flash Settings Manager, find and click on "Global Security Settings panel"

Global Flash Sec.png

When the Global Security Settings panel opens on the right of the screen is a box with "Edit Location", click on this then click on "Add Location".

Global Flash Sec Loc.png

Then Click on "Browse for Files"...

Global Flash Sec Browse.png

Locate the Folder where you have installed Y.A.E.B. and locate the file "Autoevony.swf" and click on it, then click "Open".

Global Flash Sec findfile.png

Do this for each of the folders where you have installed Y.A.E.B.

Once you have done this you may also need to adjust how much disk storage you will allow Flash applications to use on your hard drive. To do this, click on "Website Storage Settings panel".

Global Flash Storage.png

move the slider on the left of the storage settingspanel all the way to the right and close the web page.

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