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Usage: build building_type:level[:optional quantity][:optional speedups]

build b:9:15
build b:9:15,c:9:8,s:9:40
build c:0:8
build t:10:1:WUMPP
build st:0:0:D

build c:0:8
build b:9:15


academy - a
barrack - b
beacon tower - be
cottage - c
embassy - e
feasting hall - fh
forge - fo
farm - f
sawmill - s
quarry - q
iron mine - i
inn - inn
market - m
rally spot - r
relief station - rs
stable - st
town hall - t
wall - w
warehouse - wh
workshop - ws


Dynamite - D
Beginner Guidelines- B
Primary Guidelines - P
Intermediate Guidelines - I
Senior Guidelines - S
Master Guidelines - M
Ultimate Guidelines - U
Master Work Of the StoneCutter- W

With this goal, you are able to instruct Y.A.E.B. to work on the buildings in your city. It is a target, so it can be used to increase or decrease the number of buildings you have. Setting a building level of 0 will tell the bot to demolish the building instead. If a building upgrade requires another prerequisite building to be completed, the bot will automatically build and upgrade the prerequisite building first. Eg: to upgrade a cottage to level 9, you need townhall level 8 first. The bot would upgrade the townhall to level 8 before completing a cottage build to level 9.

In the 1st example above, the bot will build and upgrade a total of fifteen barracks to level 9, space permitting. In the 2nd example above, the bot will build and upgrade fifteen barracks to level 9, eight cottages to level 9, and forty sawmills to level 9, space permitting. In the 3rd example above, the bot will demolish all but 8 cottages. In the 4th example above the bot will upgrade a town hall to level 10 and apply, in sequence, a Master Work Of the StoneCutter, Ultimate Guidelines, Master Guidelines, and then two Primary Guidelines (assuming you own them) to decrease construction time. In the 5th example the bot will use dynamite to demolish a stable instantly.

The bot will also build multiple buildings at the same time where appropriate. In both beginners protection and with a Gandalf's compass applied you are able to build two buildings simultaneously.

As with the troop goals, the bot performs multiple build lines in sequential order. In the final example above, we have told the bot to build 15 barracks and then demolish all but 8 cottages. If the city had 13 barracks already built and no more slots, it would move on to the demolishing line. If the city had 10 cottages it would demolish the lowest level cottage first, which would free up a building slot, which would cause the bot to drop back down to the previous line where it attempts to build barracks. Using this method, you could convert a npc10 in a few simple lines, eg:

build b:9:15
build c:0:9
build st:0:0
build fo:0:0
build ws:0:0
build s:9:40
build f:0:0
build q:0:0
build i:0:0

With the above goals, the bot will demolish all but 9 cottages, demolish the stable/forge/workshop, and replace each slot one by one as it opens with a level 9 barrack until it has a total of 15 barracks at level 9. Once the inside of the city is complete it would move on to the resource fields. The bot would demolish all the farms, the quarry, and the iron mine, and replace them one by one as each slot opens with a level 9 sawmill until it had a total of 40 sawmills at level 9.

The bot will demolish and upgrade the lowest level of a certain building first to complete it's goals. For example: if you have eight level 9 barracks, one level 8 barrack, two level 7 barracks, and one level 1 barrack and you tell the bot to build b:9:12, then the bot will first upgrade the level 1 barrack to match the two at level 7, then it will upgrade all three of those level 7 barracks to level 8, then it will upgrade all four of the level 8 barracks to level 9.

The bot will not demolish or downgrade buildings to meet goals unless the building level is set to 0. For example: if you have a total of 16 barracks, fourteen at level 9 and two at level 10, and you set build b:9:15 for a goal, the bot will not demolish or downgrade any barracks. If you changed it instead to b:9:16 for a goal, it will not downgrade the two level 10 barracks to level 9 just because the goal says 9. If you changed the goal instead to b:0:15, THEN the bot would demolish one of the level 9 barracks and leave the two at level 10 plus thirteen more of the level 9s alone.

NOTE: Speedups parameter is valid only from 5122+

NOTE: Multi build under beginner protection and Gandalf's compass is also supported in 5122+

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