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Y.A.E.B. is a powerful tool to assist you in managing your account.
There is currently no other game enhancement tool around which has the same functionality and power as Y.A.E.B.

Y.A.E.B. can help the user do basic tasks like...

...Y.A.E.B can even help you with your offense.

Despite it's power and capabilities Y.A.E.B. is extremely easy to use, e.g. to farm npc's or Barb's one just needs to enter the goal "config npc:5" and click on "Set Goals" in the goal tab and Y.A.E.B. will...

  • Find all npc5 within a specified radius around your city
  • Work out travel time to and from each npc5
  • Select Heroes
  • Select Troops
  • Ensure the npc5 has not been converted prior to attack landing

Just entering "config npc:5" is all the user need do and Y.A.E.B. will perform all the above tasks automagiclly whilst at the same time performing other tasks.

Unlike Macro and Click Bots, which have been used extensively in the past, you will not find yourself in the embarrassing situations such as continuously sending your troops to farm incorrect coordinates or to farm a npc that has been converted to a city by another player.

Best of all, Y.A.E.B. incorporates the tricks and methods of experienced players to perform the tasks it is able to do - it can take a new player many months of playing before they learn how to train troops, research technologies, set up a running training hero to all cities or even to farm npc5's and npc10's. All the new player need do is install Y.A.E.B. and enter the correct goals and away they go.

If you have just started using Y.A.E.B. is strongly advised that you give Y.A.E.B. one command at a time until you are familiar with how Y.A.E.B. works, then gradually increase the goals. Keep in mind that once you have many goals set that Y.A.E.B.'s priority may not be the same as yours, especially in cases of low resource or low population numbers in your first few weeks of playing, when you have excessive resource you can often tweak Y.A.E.B. so that it does exactly what you want it to do

Keep in mind: Y.A.E.B. is not artificial intelligence it does not think for itself nor does it act for itself Y.A.E.B. is only a tool to assist in playing the game, it is not designed to play the entire game for you Y.A.E.B can and only will perform tasks assigned to it in the same manner and speed as a human player Y.A.E.B. is only as good as the person using it, but... the potential is there for the person to become Amazing and because of this Y.A.E.B. is limited by and ultimately follows the game rules, it is designed to take care of those tedious tasks like feeding troops, training etc to free the player up for the more exciting aspects of the game "what we do every night Pinky... TAKE OVER THE WORLD"

Learn the game rules and mechanics and read the Y.A.E.B. guide and follow instructions carefully, drop into the Y.A.E.B. chat rooms, Learning to set Y.A.E.B correctly and it is extremely difficult (I only say extremely because nothing is impossible) to lose a city where Y.A.E.B. is handling the defence, it is quite possible with Y.A.E.B. to join an older server and build to compete against the top alliances and players there (however this does take patience).


This document is a collection of information gathered from various people and sources on the World Wide Web, including Y.A.E.B. User forum, and various other forums on the WWW as none of the information obtained was protected by copyright some of the information has been edited and modified by the author.

It is implied this information is free to be copied and distributed by the very fact this information was freely obtained on public accessible web sites without stealth or coercion.

This Guide is not intended to mislead, misdirect, discriminate, or cause harm to person or property and the author will not be held responsible for anything.

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